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Speaking Engagements

Panelist and curator at Textile Arts Center for "Irresistible Revolution: On Fiber Art and Political Activism." 18 December 2016. 

Speaker at CUNY Baruch College's Asian Art course with Professor Karen Shelby. 11 May 2016. 

Panelist and interviewee at Iris New York for the "Under the Influence" speaker series. 24 March 2016. 

Workshop at the 10th Annual New York City Asian American Student Conference on "5.4 Million and Counting: Craft as Activism." 23 April 2016. 

Panelist at the 9th Annual New York City Asian American Student Conference on "Visualizing Resistance: Art for Social Change" with Josh MacPhee, Tomie Arai, and Ayesha Akhtar. 25 April 2015.