"i hope to find you at the end of this" is an annual durational performance that takes place on October 10. The performance is dedicated to a past lover and to raise awareness for suicide prevention. 

Medium: Hair weaving, durational performance
Year: 2015


October 10, 2015
2PM - 8PM

i hope to find you at the end of this
in its second iteration, is the shedding of my hair as a remembrance to my N. W. and to the part of me that she had loved most. 843 days before her suicide, with my hair covering the side of her neck, she told me once that everything would be okay.

i hope to find you at the end of this
is a space that welcomes you to share your own experiences—your own mourning, yearning, and loss—in memory of the ones you loved. Please feel free to donate a strand, a lock, a tumble of your hair to be incorporated into the weaving during the performance. 

2:00PM – Hair shedding ­
2:05PM to 8:00PM – Weaving with backstrap loom
[Hair donations can be placed next to
the loom throughout the performance]

The performance is free and all donations will go to the It Gets Better Project to raise awareness, fund suicide prevention and anti-bullying programs for LGBTQ youth. Please consult the Resources page if you would like to donate directly to an organization that fits more closely with your goals and beliefs.


Presented by the Textile Arts Center, NY
Photography by Zoe Yang and Ace Boothby